One comment on “Gyrating Gyroscopes

  1. Wonderful stuff – and I am now hooked on gyroscopes – another interest added to a list which keeps on growing. I will have to buy a scientific quality version – any suggestions? Also I have now read most the maths at

    I think the approach to avoid the use of any equations is laudable and to relate it to other everyday objects such as a bicycle is valuable. How about also considering a spinning top which I guess is a gyroscope without a gimbal. Talking of gimbals I never appreciated the fact that a gimbal maintains a gyroscope’s “direction” if I have got that right.

    I like the diagrammatic hand demonstrating the vector analysis. I remember a similar diagram of the motor effect in a magnetic field. My main concern is that it is by no means intuitively obvious to me that a “balancing” upward force should be created by a spinning motion. If I spin it the other way will it try and bury itself in the ground? Or am I just being facetious?

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