4 comments on “#MarRef

  1. When you get to another day remember you can leave the catholic church, i.e. deconfirm and other.
    We would not want the numbers to lie, would we. Not many athiest know that they are still catholics on paper. It does nobody any good. Not even the catholic church.

    Sorry to see you leave.


    PS I am still catholic and I also feel I am what Stonewall has named as an ally.

  2. Thanks for your comment Andres – as you know well, I left years ago.

    And as I hope was clear from the post, all of my points are very, very specific to the church’s role in Ireland – nowhere else.

    Your personal choice is yours, as mine is mine.

      • Oh, and sorry for making a comment. If you want, I (or you) can delete it and leave it for another conversation. Or drop it entirely, as I just remembered a previous conversation.

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